Tuesday, March 10, 2015

really-know-me friends

it may be that i lack an audience (or truly close really-know-me friends) because i enjoy irreverence (and word play leading to repetitive redundancy and parenthetic distraction) so much that i may appear to present as a pretentious obscurantist... or at least an obscure rantist... or a rambling fool, perhaps... i mean, as opposed to god-like, i suppose... perhaps i am just misunderstood... but i do wander into wonder a lot more than i sit still and a moving target is always more challenging to know than a stationary one... i mean, beyond pretending to know, if you know what i mean... and i can easily be distracted by almost anything, even squirrels... hey, nobody's perfect, no matter who sings the song... and then of course (of course?) there are those profoundly meaningless questions that come to mind like why are brits afraid to smile... of course meaninglessness, like pretentious obscurantism, is in the mind of the beholder... so what does your mind behold?... everything is always a matter of perspective and opinion, after all... except what we know for sure, that is... but don't mind me, i am still looking for empirical evidence of my own existence...


  1. I love you see Squirrels and some of us Brit expats do smile and laugh and play <3 :)

    1. the aol page doesm't open, but thanks :)

    2. hey, just wait a minute there... come to think of it, since the aol page didn't open, who are you 31f99d8a-4f94-11e5-85bb-3f2f9f59c332? :)

    3. We may never know... Brit expat... A few people come to mind. Could be a complete stranger stumbling across here for the briefest moment. Could be a secret admirer hanging on my every word, but too shy to come out and expose herself. Himself? What's all this about exposing one's self? Could be Greg James. After all, I am pretty sure the adorably effevescent Emma Blackery is still across the pond, the adorably irreverent world traveller Natalie Tran is an Aussie, and god knows where God is from (wherever he or she wants I suppose), so it just might be. Yes, it took me this long to figure it out. I was using Deep Thought.

      There is a reference test for ya lol :)

      Imagine, an unexplected plug in an obscure comment in an even more obscure blog about some unknown character roaming the internet in search of friends, laughter, and true love (and yes, the occasional squirrel). How famous can we get, aye? :)