Sunday, October 20, 2019

To The World

Not actually an SOS to the world (though maybe it is), or a message in a bottle (my babbling would need a big bottle lol lam), but the profile, an international pen-pal site, was updated, so here it is...

Thank you for clicking on "About Me"

We need to care enough about this world and save it from the fears and insecurities of humans, ya know? That starts with sharing. If you don't know what I mean, hello anyway, here is a little something about me...

I know I am seldom here, but if you find my email I will respond sooner. Briefly, if you like. I even text, which is naturally brief. lol. If you like a lot of words, well, you shall not be disappointed. So let's get on with this about me, in case you really want to know. :)

I signed up impulsively. I am not sure I will correspond on a regular basis. I doubt I will respond immediately because life is not that structured these days. Writing is one of my ways of processing life. The written me can be very different than the off-page me as I dump all the negativity, complaining, whining, unpleasantness (and typos) into words and then laugh at myself (and the challenges of life) and then I move along to the next moment. Sometimes the words are distractions (recently, a lot) and sometimes I feel like a genius (that passes quickly upon self-mockery and further reflection). Sometimes prose, sometimes rhymes, mostly I let words flow as an extension of my thought process.

I am not sure what I am looking for here. The bottom line desire in me is honesty - being as real, sincere, and present as possible is what I seek from myself. Anything else is even more fleeting than life itself and often meaningless. I rarely sense a real sincere presence from people, at least not one they want to share.

The saddest aspect of this life is that honest love seems too vulnerable for people to share, but it is my quest (Don Quixote and me - and I laugh even as I am at my most serious on this point). Friends tell me they admire that even as they tell me I am not being realistic. I smile and continue. Being true to honest love and myself is always the greatest personal joy in this life. :)

I find explaining the words "honest love" helps not only introduce me, but helps clarify communication, especially in written words. I use the term to express the innocent, genuine, unencumbered, and unconditional love that I want to send out to the universe. It is not meant to suggest anything more, not sensual, romantic, nor any sort of request. Just a wish to feel safe, secure, cared for, and happy. It is honesty without harm, caring without expectation, love without obligation, and a moment of serenity. My intention is to care and inspire a genuine smile.

Mostly, in recent times, life has been full of frivolous fun and that is, well, fun, but I do seeks a sense of deeper meaning, more personalized caring, more purposeful sharing. I do not seek it with all my heart/mind the way I used to (ah, scars and waning hope are rational reasons, but mostly I don't think about it for the moment).

It is just as likely that I sit here watching the world go round and round because I have no income and savings dwindles. I am staying with a generous friend and have contemplated living in my car - a bohemian lifestyle I have enjoyed in the past when it was my choice to travel and explore. I have been alive for 60 years (still a child inside though) and much of this life was what our culture would call success and luxury and some of it was what our culture would call failure and poverty. My perspective is not based on the material world as what matters to me is what is inside people (and other living beings).

What matters most to me (is an ever changing carousel with honest love at it's core), overall, is caring and nurturing friends and trying to live life and share each moment as positively as possible.

Updated (this paragraph)... When last here, years ago, I was looking for work. I found a job I love and have enjoyed it for almost three years. My friends were rewarded with ridiculous gifts (plumbing repairs, a washing machine, and assorted odds and ends). Home is big and comfortable again. I still treasure my free time, in smaller doses, and everything else in this profile is pretty much the same cuz it's me and I've been me as long as I can remember.

There is a bit of an introduction (too much for a profile?... well, it may keep the superficial and the phishers away... or not... rhetoric questions amuse me {as does pushing the limits of language rules}. As do parenthetic asides. I enjoy babbling in written words, so considered yourself warned - or tempted if you enjoy babble). :)

I hope your day smiling more than frowning and your life is as joyous as you want it to be. If it isn't, I hope you do something - life is change and you have the power to change yours. Do something that inspires your smile. :)

If you visit Lake Mary, Florida... visit Bugs Webbot (there's a phone number in the profile, you know, on FB,... leave a message cuz I don't answer numbers I don't know).

I leave these words here with no expectations. May they send you my wish for personal peace, honest love, a sense of security, and radiant happiness.

honest love,

The profile has other "sections" and they follow now...


I ask for honesty.

Patience, peace, honest love, a sense of security, radiant happiness, and a genuine attempt for mutual understanding.

I have known immense euphoric joy and times of overwhelming traumatic pain in my time on this planet and it is, as the seasonal film suggests, a wonderful life. I hope to share more honest love and fun adventures with friends. I treasure the few true friends I know and hope to find a few more along the way. If I find a few people who understand me, all the more wonderful it will be.

Interests / Hobbies

Living each moment, interests vary. What occupies my time these days includes words, music, and creative entertainment. Softball, I love to play and do several times a week. Helping others - people, animals, plants, the world. I enjoy food, cooking and eating. I enjoy driving, exploring, running, walking, physical activities, wandering the web (reading, writing, listening, exploring), new experiences.

Favorite Music

Music is the audio wonderland that surrounds me with reflective experience in all aspects of life. It is energy that enhances my writing and my being. It augments my communication, creativity, therapy, and my emotional release. If I choose one favorite, I'll choose Harry Chapin, though a dozen others (Jackson Brown, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Melissa Etheridge, John Denver, The Who, The Beatles, Donovan, Spill Canvas, Don McLean, Snow Patrol, Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Cat Stevens, Chuck Berry, Cream, Jim Croche, Carole King, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Blind Faith, Andrew Lloyd Webber and so many shows, Dan Fogelberg, Chicago, Pink, older Beegees, Bob Dylan, Cake, Jay & the Americans, Radiohead, The Beach Boys, Black Sabbath, Cindy Bullens, Meg & Dia, Lisa Loeb, Mars Volta, Stevie Ncks, Arlo Gurthrie, Tanya Tucker, Bright Eyes, Janis Joplin, Jewel, Fleetwood Mac, Grace VanderWaal, Bruce Springsteen, Jackie Evancho, the Cranberries, Tim Chapin, Led Zeppelin, Brandi Carlisle, REM, Evanescense, Elton John, Kelly Clarkson, The Waterboys, Plain White Ts, the Four Seasons, Barbara Streisand, U2, Sarah McGlaghlin, Elvis Presley, Natalie Imbruglia, Lynyrd Skinnard, Sleater Kinney, The Eagles, 30 Seconds to Mars, Melanie, Alanis Morissette, The White Stripes, The Allman Brothers, Joni Mitchell, Death Cab for Cutie, Lana Del Rey, Bjork, Whitney Houston, Derek & the Dominoes, Madonna, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sinead O'Conner, Jimi Hendrix, Judy Garland, Melissa Manchester, Demi Lovato, Paramore, Joan Baez, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Janet Devlin, Sia Furler, Cold Play, The Cure, The The, Emma Blackerry, Depeche Mode, Nada Surf, Rilo Kiley, The English Department, Legion, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Amy Steinberg, Jarah Jane, Kawehi Tom, Florence & the Machine, Jethro Tull, Gavin Friday, Lily Allen, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Andy Williams, Sheryl Crow, Portishead, Marina Diamandis {sister spirit, come to visit, bring your light and spend the night... touch me with your joy and sorrow, we can save the world tomorrow}... to name a few) stand beside him and a hundred others right behind him. Some are on this list for just a song or two or a performance I experienced, but music is my life, it is not my livelihood, and the changes keep on changing, and all my life's a circle, and it takes me to a better place to be.

Favorite Books

I live another life in my written words and many lives through other writers. Even more than music, the written word expresses and releases me allowing me to process everything I experience and continue living as I am in each moment with clarity. When I have more time, I may expound further.

When I read, I want a writer to challenge my imagination. After that, I enjoy words that inspire hope and dreams. Two writers that come to mind at the moment are Robert Heinlein and Stephen King. Books that come to mind at the moment... Time Enough For Love (Heinlein), Illusions (Richard Bach), Waiting For Godot (Samuel Beckett), On Writing (King)... barely scratching the surface of my love of words.

Favorite Movies

I'll choose some and leave out some I love even ore than these, probably. It's a Wonder Life, ET, Hook, Random Harvest, Tale of Two Cities, Princess Bride, Terminator 2, Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, The Sting, too many other musicals to list and I preferred them live on stage, Mary Poppins and many Disney films, some Steven King films, Man of La Mancha, a whole lot of intelligent Sci-Fi, Some Like it Hot, The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Tommy, Big, the Harry Potter series, City of Angels, AI, I Robot, Twilight Zone, Galaxy Quest, West Side Story, Contact, The Sound of Music, and many more favorites I'll laugh about or cry over when I remember them.

Favorite TV Shows

Intelligent Science Fiction, reaching for a more caring, loving, enlightened universe where species don't kill each other for sport or fun or fear, but rather love and support each other for mutually beneficial life...

and then some more

Favorite Quotes

"I live in the madhouse on the other side of the wall." Gibran

just a few

Language Exchange


And there is so many more details I left out, but that's why I update from time to time...

Wanna know me? :)

Narf :)

Friday, November 30, 2018

Fishing Again (Extended Edition)

The latest update to the Plenty Of Fish profile, no doubt.

A word that best describes me? Nonsense lol. I am seriously irreverently serious. A dozen are accurate, so any one is inaccurate, yet that is the nature of social relationships. Labels, categories, boxes. If you fall for that prejudicial pretense of knowing someone, we probably won't be close friends. No games, no pretenses, honesty without harm. I want a best friend forever. Everything starts there.

Words may be a waste of time for we will never know each other through words alone, no less through just a few (hundred), but I do love words so here we are. Most of my friends know some part of me, but no one today really knows me and that's lonely. Getting to know someone takes time, people don't seem to have much time these days. I have activity friends, no best friends. If you are someone who will share that time it takes to become friends, be open, honest, willing, and able to share yourself or we'll be wasting time - please do not pretend.

I don't like make-up at all, unless it's a costume party or theater.

In this life, I find friendly conversation with most anyone, however rarely do I find truly intimate compatibility on any level. Intimacy i not sexuality in this sense, I've been asexual for many years and am not looking for a sexual fling. I seek to share intellect and emotions more than anything else, for the body is way too easy to share and please. Sexuality is too often misinterpreted as compatibility or even falling in love and I think that is the biggest mistake people make when interacting. I believe that the more you overcome your fears in healthy and positive ways, the better you will be able to share yourself.

If this profile will allow a link, then is one way to know me. There you'll find a lot of words that detail my interests, including dozens of 'blogs', some personal some play some just kept like filing cabinets online. I've been writing since I could first hold a crayon. I love music of many genre from the Beatles (old and well known) to Meg & Dia (new and little known), from hard rock to show tunes and much in between. Songwriters: Harry Chapin, Jackson Browne, Pink Floyd, and John Lennon wrote words that are part of my psyche, as did Melissa Etheridge, Billy Joel, John Denver, Paul Simon, Tim Rice, Justin Hayward, Bernie Taupin, Stevi Nicks, Bob Dylan, and so many others. While lyrics may be my first love, musical journeys span from classical to heavy metal.

So I love words, writing, reading, communicating and playing with them. I love stories that stretch the imagination and challenge the status quo, such as science fiction and sociological allegories. I play softball in leagues a few times a week, each. Love of self is reflected in the body and if you are not loving yourself, I hope you start soon.I with share motivation as I can use some too. I enjoy some tv, especially when a friend enjoys a show with me. I used to watch a few shows with my roommate each week and I miss that. I love live theater, live music, life. I love to sing, ah, if only there were a hundred hours in each day.

My weekends are as busy as I want them to be as I have different groups of friends for my diverse interests (gee, I almost sound popular). Some days I stay home relaxing with tv, book, youtube, reading web pages, or some geeky activity involving computers or other gadgets. I do not drink or take any drugs to get high anymore (I've tried them all long ago so I don't condemn or preach as I once enjoyed chemically induced alternative consciousnesses, I can just get there internally now because, after all, the brain does it all anyway).

My primary goal in this life has always been to live honestly without harm and most of the time I achieve it (nobody's perfect - and who wants to be nobody, ya know?). Sharing life with a partner who shares everything is a goal I've not achieves, though I've had long relationships that have come close. I am very happy within myself, enjoy life alone, and love sharing with others. I am looking for someone who fits me as I fit them. That may not happen in this life, but I remain a hopeful child :)

Still reading?... ah, see, there is hope :)

This site, like most, limits the accuracy of profiles with fixed pull down menus. It refused to let me leave "birth parents" blank. I was adopted, so the question is moot. Another inaccuracy is my date of birth. I will not provide online profiles with a date of birth for that makes identity theft too easy. If it matters, I am an Aries and the year is one year off. I work in a sensitive job in the public sector and must maintain some distance between my online activities and my professional life. Ask me face to face and I will explain more. See, I can be serious too :)

This site suggests that I point out what makes me unique. Too much already? (ah, I love self-mockery, noticed?). I have no need for the common crutches and communal supports that most people seem to need in this life. As I see it, religion is a dangerous delusion that provokes and provides justification for more harm than any other single concept in human history or daily life. Politics is mostly for control freaks and there are way too many fighting for control due to their insecurities, greed, and other inadequacies. While I disagree with some of what George Carlin said on the subjects, he articulated many opinions that makes sense to me and there is more wisdom in his words than in most humans I've listened to. Harry Chapin too. Listen. I respect some human fears, but do not share many. I think clothing is a pretense people hide behind, like makeup and titles and money and other masks, to cover up their fear of being real. People pretend all the time. I sense the realness within and feel sad they try so hard to hide it. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I see people hurting themselves and when intimate, I will not ignore self-harm. Silence is apathy, I want to care. Silent acceptance of harm is harm. I am far from perfect, but I am internally self-actualized and aware when I want to be. I am told that it is challenging to relate to me because I am "too" something - diverse, innocent, idealistic, intelligent, energetic, child-like, eclectic, stubborn, strong, sensitive, open, honest, intense, different, simple, complex, out there). Wordy? lol. The one I seek is out there with me :)

I am known as Bugs Webbot on facebook the links there will tell you more about me. The simplest way to know me is just ask. My approach to these social networking websites is - if I find a friend here, wonderful. If I find someone who might become a partner in life, amazing... I hope you amaze me :)

Whatever you do, may you give it your all and create more smiles than frowns along the way :)

This is continued from above because of character limits on this site...

What does ambition even mean to you? They force us to select too many labels here and that provides an inaccurate profile, but I mentioned that already, didn't I? Land of the free, ha. A sad ha too, but lol :)

Ok, so at first I selected "other relationship" from the list above because I have friends, but don't have a best friend. I can find a lover (as Billy Joel sang), but do not have an intimate partner. I have dreams, but do not have a soulmate in life today. I am looking for people who can relate to me more closely, intimately, universally, and hopefully one person will feel the same partnership with me that I seek.

On a purely physical level (which is not what I seek, but you may wish to know), I respect healthy fitness and that is attractive for me. Flab and fat are not because they are signs of unhealthy laziness or even self-abuse..I play a lot of softball with people half my age and do well. Be honest in your love. I strongly suggest that if you feel fat, flabby, or old (on any level, physically, emotionally, intellectually, ethereally), then focus your energy on improving your feeling about yourself before you look for self-esteem outside of yourself. I hope you actualize love for yourself in every way, including physically.

I really want to find a true friend. If you want to turn on my libido and only my libido, you probably will not get what you want, but you can try cuz, as the Stones sang, sometimes... if you fit the narrow libido fantasy, that is... we can mock libido and ego all we want when we are friends :)

Dating? I don't think I've ever been on a what most people seem to call date in this life. My two close relationships were long term and started by chance meeting through work or through friendly gatherings. The time for sharing sensual pleasures, for me, is after we are close friends. Whether in the ambiance of a favorite restaurant or with the sand sliding between our toes on a secluded beach or immersed in the excitement of any favorite activity - or intimate stimulation of our senses, I am open, but cautious. We can prove how much we care about each other after we know each other well enough to know we care for each other, anytime before that is pretense. I don't do pretense well at all. Call it a social flaw.

I want to know your awkward pauses. Your strength and your weaknesses. I want to know you. I want you to know me without the games or pretenses or rituals. All I ask is that you do not intentionally cause harm or avoid sharing yourself without telling me. Stay honest above all else.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Roommate?

So as I was saying farewell to the roommate website because it's turned into a SPAM website more than a useful tool to find compatible person to share space in a specific location. So I sent messages to a dozen or so people and this message below was the one that received a response:

I am honest, kind, reliable, respectful - you? I've been looking to share a place for a while without much luck, so I am looking at renting a room again. Tell me more about your place? Please email (my email) as I am not paying for this site at the moment so I can't read messages here. Hope to hear from you, thanks. Ric

And he responded...

My name is (his name). you sent me a message about the room in Lake Mary.

Its a 4 bedroom 2 bath house 2000 sq ft. I am the only full time resident but kids some days. The room is by the front door and the bathroom will be private.

Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

And I responded back...

Just getting in from work. Does that sound like something I'd be interested in?... A resounding yes and a bit of no :)

The "yes" comes from wanting to live in a clean place (you wouldn't believe this place I rent these days), not that I'm OCD squeaky clean person, just want to be able to use a kitchen and bathroom without cleaning up behind someone every time... and I don't want to put a third of my salary into rent, which is what one bedrooms cost anywhere but the really bad neighborhoods. So I choose to give up some privacy to share space for comfort and security and keep costs down these days. I had a house in the 90's when 1800 sq ft could be had for a $900 15 year mortgage even with high interest rates. Feels like a few lifetimes ago. So anyway, most of me says yes. I do need to give my current roommate/landloard 30 days notice, but I can afford to overlap some too.

The "no" comes because I pay $140 a month for storage and I want to get my stuff out of there... and I am looking for a relatively permanent place because moving is not as much fun as I used to think it was. I've been thinking about buying a house, though financially I'd need to share most houses I'd like to buy. Before that sounds like a financial risk, I work for the County so income is steady (though a lot less than I used to make because I wanted a lighter load at work), have a credit rating that hovers around 800, and won't have a problem with $700 a month (even though I'd rather less... . hey, honesty is my way. :)

I've been looking for another roommate to share a space for almost two years and the right connection just hasn't happened. Living just five minutes from my desk has probably undermined my search somewhat... as unpleasant as living here can be, the convenience has me spoiled.

So that's a bit about me, specifically why I reached out and why I am needing to convince myself to move into someone else's house again. I really do want to be able to cook meals in a kitchen and make myself at home in a bathroom again. Have any room for some plastic storage bins in your garage? (I ask like we're already friends, but hey, $700 would be a lot easier if I wasn't paying for storage, so I can ask and hope :)

I write a lot and tend to ramble on paper, but I'm quiet and respectful at home. Since you want month to month, you can always boot me after a month if I rub you the wrong way (I don't think I will). Honesty is what I respect most. My careers and life has been about taking care of others. I've given everything I've had away a few times, which is why I probably won't retire again (I took a decade off when I was about your age, retired early, but started over after "love" didn't work out).

So what do you think now that you've read this?

Thanks for reading,

Followed by this text:

I just got home and emailed you a bit of an introduction and an answer to your question. I wrote it out because that helps me figure out what I want to do. If you understand maybe we can get together and talk. I've got dinner plans the next three nights. When would be good for you?

And he responded with several texts that summed up said I sound like someone I could share space with, that there is more than enough room in garage and house, he likes a clean home, the second bathroom would be mine alone, and he's looking for more than a month to month commitment. He read my words and responded to my concerns. Impressive. He's an engineer, which could be excellent compatibility on many levels.

So we meet at his place tomorrow.

Ok, so I am hopeful in spite of the compromises I sense there would have to be. Hopeful enough to post this here and link it to the daily blog. Of course part of me wants feedback and reassurance and encouragement and so on, but I don't expect to get any of that anymore. I post with that hope but just as much with the idea that this life I've lived is shared on some level even if I won't be around when the sharing actually happens.

Life may change dramatically in nine hours.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fishing Again

An impulsive look and the email that does not go into my "Important" folder found a Plenty Of Fish email at the top so I clicked and impulsively sent two messages and updated my profile a bit. After all, I no longer have a few extra pounds and I still have hope someone in this world might actually relate to me and accept me as I am, strange as that may seem.


Good manners may be everything, but faux pas make it easier to laugh at one's self (I'm easily amused). I was a veggie for 12 years and vegan for 3, but firmly enjoy an omnivorous chose these days. You've got many qualities I respect, but I may have given up on humanity enough to not be turned around in my slovenly ways. I wasn't always like this, giving everything away too many times and living on the street brings on changes in perspectives. Still, I smile at your optimism and caring - yes it shows. How's your patience? (if you laughed, we might just get along well :)

As for relationships, I'm not sure one exists for me anymore. Once upon a time I believed in true love and human goodness (The Princess Bride, Hook, Sleepless in Seattle are three all-time favorites), but people seem too confused and frightened to be trusted lately so I just want to find a friend who understands me and my perspective. It's been a very long time since I trusted someone intimately on any level. I am not looking for someone to save me. I adopt people in need too easily so I keep my distance. Why am I sending this message? Email brought me back to POF after many months away and impulse pushed through loneliness to say hello to you. A bit more than hello, aye? :)

(email and phone number) Surprise me with kind understanding and you may have a friend for life :)

Your first photo and second photo look so different, are they both of you? These sites sometimes baffle me. Why not start with deal-breakers and prevent confusing, time wasting, false hopes, and hurt feelings? Probably because it is not the best business plan. I don't trust easily and online, I don't trust much at all. Still, an email brought me back here after many month and impulse has me sending a message. For me, relationships start with friendships, activities, fun and serious conversations, and time to build trust. Once upon a time I enjoyed impulsive sex, but not in the past two decades. I have no need for religion or any gods, whether they are real or delusional. I avoid the news because people are insane and I'd rather keep negativity out of my daily view. I care about everything too much, so I insulate myself and distract myself with my own babbling and other creative play. So your first photo inspired my smile and attracted me and your second reminded me of my mother (laughing?), I believe in honesty, love, and caring. What makes you tic? :)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Roommate Search Continues

Yes it does, and with hope in my heart too (singing along?). Well, this is one of the messages I left on the roommate dot com site a few months ago. I may have sent a similar message more recently too. Possibly more than once. So I leave this here for posterity, in case it matters, and for me and the others curious. Getting to know me yet?

So is it worth paying to read your mail? I mean, what if you politely said "thanks, but no thanks." I could spend the extra money on dinner in Nashville tomorrow night, after all. :)

I can see you messaged me on this roommate website, but I let my membership lapse (I've been paying $30 for two months on and off for a couple of years) so I am pondering... do I want to pay $30 for rejection the night before I leave for a fun challenge at a softball tournament?

If you are laughing, even just a little, then we might actually get along or be friends already :)

I am a hopeful child, really I am. (and I love to laugh at myself so this is therapeutic self-mockery in preparation for the depressing rejection or the trepidatious meeting of a new friend and singing the getting to know you song).

Am I stalling?

Naturally lol lam.

I'll stop now only because I am rushing to do a dozen things I need to do to be ready to drive 10 hours in the early morning. I do not want to disrespect you with a quick hi bye, so this is a rambling hi bye from the bottom of my heart. I wish you peace and love and fun (and whatever else you want in life). Hopefully you will email or text or call and laugh at me with me.

Ok, so. just for you, I'll ponder paying for another couple of months next week. If I do it now, I'll waste a week of membership and who knows what might distract me next week. In fact I have an overcrowded calendar at work and if it doesn't rain, softball a few evenings. I really must make time to buy a new case for my new iphone. So little time, so much to do, but it all stops (for a few minutes, at least) for you because I do want to find a new roommate and better living accommodations and your profile inspired my smile. Email, text, call, or if you must (friendly smile?) write me here again and I will pay to read your words next week.

Now imagine if your response simply said "roommate no longer available" or "you're just not the right roommate for me" or even more simply, "No."

I'll melt away like the wicked witch of the west, but then, there's no place like home so maybe if I click my heals together three times...

Hope you enjoyed my rambling. Hope to hear from you again.

There's always hope :)

(contact information)

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Roommate Search

The dream of finding another truly compatible roommate who shares similar living habits and comforts and interests and more leads me to post profiles on roommate websites and send messages to strangers with the hope they might become a friend and the compatible roommate. So the new layout and new features on the roommate dot com website that limited specificity of location and made it more like a dating site than a roommate site inspired me to change my profile and still, hope for the ideal roommate so I wrote this to all the people the site emailed to me. They said they were my "perfect match", after all.

So I get an email telling me "_________ is a perfect match." I have no clue why. It's a mystery lol. This new site is a big disappointment. I suspect they SPAM members a lot with that 'come on' just to get more traffic on their site. In any case, maybe you enjoy a good mystery too, so please read my profile and let me know if you can figure out why they referred you to me. :)

Please note that since the site is so unreliable, I don't pay for it anymore. I won't be able to read your messages if you respond on the site. Email me at or call/text 407-325-1482 if you want to talk about sharing a place.

Hope you find what you are looking for - and enjoy life. :)


Oh, and that profile I referred to, this is what that says:

Hi :)

The new site misrepresents my location preference and is not appealing, so I'm not paying for it as it is. So email me if you want to talk about sharing a place. The match algorithm they use makes no sense to me and wastes a lot of time. So here's they profile you should go by: I am not looking for a room in your home. I want to share a place. What I am looking for is a compatible honest responsible respectful considerate open minded positive person who can share space comfortably. Location matters to me. I work in downtown Sanford (for the County) and play softball in Altamonte several times a week and would like to find a place between the two locations, preferably not far from I4. I seek honesty and kindness. I am what I seek. Mutual respect is essential. I am quiet at home, clean, considerate, responsible, reliable, and caring. I am active in sports & recreation and a kid at heart too busy enjoying life to want any part of stress or drama.

My last roommate of seven years (in the photos) moved out of town, but will be happy to answer questions about me - if you want references, just ask. My profession requires regularly passing a level 2 background check by the feds if that helps with any trust issues. I find humor in just about everything, but am serious about caring for others and finding a compatible roommate. If you are looking to share a place or want look for one with a new friend, please write candoor at gmail. Bugs Webbot is me on Facebook - friend me (or just check me out, as you wish). My telephone number is there too, feel free to text or call and introduce yourself. Are you my new roommate? There's always hope. If not, good luck in your search :)

This news site is a big disappointment. According to the email I received, you are a perfect match. I have no clue what they base that on and I suspect they SPAM members a lot with that 'come on' just to get more traffic on their site. In any case, please read my profile and let me know if you can figure out why they referred you to me. :)

Please note that since the site is so unreliable, I don't pay for it anymore. I won't be able to read your messages if you respond on the site. Email me at or call/text 407-325-1482 if you want to talk about sharing a place.

Hope you find what you are looking for - and enjoy life. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another Roommate Intro

Something is obviously not working. The connection is not happening. Maybe the site is bogus, that is, has a lot of bogus listings. Maybe I am just too strange for people. Ultimately that right person has not looked, or at least we have not found each other, during the few years. I keep trying.

We could look together. My restriction is location, I work for Seminole County out of the Administration Building in East Sanford and play ball and know a lot of people in Altamonte, so ideally I'd like to find a place on the I4 corridor between Sanford and Altamonte. The closer to the Sanford exit the better. I've read about a few great places where a cofortable 2-2 split plan can be found for $1400 and some I'd look at closer for $1200. Let me know if you'd consider looking for a place with me.

I suppose we should talk and find out if we are compatible enough to be roommates first though (laugh? but serously :)

I don't pay for this roommate site at the moment so I won't be able to read a response here, but you can email me at or text me at [my phone number] (if you call, leave a voicemail, I seldom answer numbers I don't know... just not enough time in a day :)

My profile tries to introduce me, ask anything you'd like to know. I believe in honesty and don't hide.

Think about it? :)

Whatever you decide, I hope you find and create more smiles than frowns along your way :)